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Why You Need to Get Evergreens Planted in Your Yard by Backyard Landscape Design Experts.

Evergreens Improve Your Yard

For those who want a tree but don’t want to devote a lot of time to its care yet want to enjoy its aesthetic benefits throughout the year, an evergreen is a great option. Evergreens, to put it plainly, are attractive. Their attractive good appearances are only topped by the fact that they are permanent year-round. In the dead of winter, when most of your other trees and shrubs have lost their leaves, your evergreens will still stand tall and strong. Here are some additional considerations that should lead you to have a Backyard Landscape Design professional plant your Evergreens.

Improves Air Quality

Trees are able to do this because photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide from the air to power plant growth and development. To compensate, they release oxygen into the atmosphere. That we are able to take a deep breath is, in a nutshell, all thanks to trees. While this is the case year-round for trees, it becomes especially important during the winter months when air pollution levels are at their peak but trees have fewer leaves available to perform photosynthesis. Evergreens are the heroes in these situations. Only these trees continue to filter out airborne pollutants even as the temperature drops.

Increase Privacy

In the summer, when deciduous trees have their leaves and shrubs have their flowers, privacy is rarely a problem, which is fortunate because nobody likes having their private functions on show. However, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t value the same level of seclusion for the remaining 11 months of the year. You can enjoy winter pastimes in peace and quiet behind a natural privacy screen created by the dense branches of conifers and evergreen hedges.

Saves Energy

Trees not only screen your home from prying eyes, but they also offer natural protection from the elements. Your yard will be more comfortable and safe to use during the warmer months if you plant trees to provide shade. They also shield our homes from the hot sun, which can reduce the strain on our air conditioners and make living inside more comfortable.

If your Port Orchard, WA garden ever needs an evergreen, don’t hesitate to call Backyard Landscape Design experts like Mario Landscaping. Just dial (360) 206-2692 to book an appointment.