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Trees to Plant Around Pools, According to Professional Landscaping Contractors

Trees That Are Ideal for Poolside Landscaping

The overall style and effect you want to achieve for your outdoor living space are largely dependent on the landscaping around your pool. The pool will be best displayed if the vegetation is carefully picked and planned. The scene as a whole could be ruined by poor decisions. To avoid having a tree that towers over or completely takes over the yard and pool area, determine the possible tree’s ultimate height and canopy breadth. The following tree species make excellent additions to the landscaping surrounding a pool, according to a professional landscaping contractor.


Citrus trees give a patio garden or pool a burst of color and personality. These trees also provide an option for urban farmers or gardeners with limited land to cultivate a fruit-producing tree. Citrus trees of certain types are especially suited to be grown in containers or constrained spaces. Growing a citrus tree beside the pool in a container has the benefit that you can move it around to follow or shield it from the sun.

Japanese Maple

Native to Japan and Korea, Japanese maples are either huge shrubs or small trees. Most are slow-growing plants that rarely grow taller than 20 feet. For their changing leaves and light, delicate shape, these trees are highly regarded. Because they do not thrive well in windy situations, Japanese maples should be planted in sheltered areas. Don’t let the Japanese maple’s soil dry out in hot climates; it will need a lot of water to keep the soil moist.

Hinoki Cypress

The evergreen conifer Hinoki cypress, also called false cypress, can reach a height of 75 feet, while most cultivars used in landscaping are only 2 to 25 feet tall. Some varieties, like “Nana Lutea” and “Crippsi,” have beautiful leaves with lime or gold tips. Dwarf versions offer depth and texture to poolside rock gardens without taking up a lot of room, making them lovely foundation plants. The Hinoki cypress prefers somewhat acidic soil like most conifers do. This can be achieved by fertilizing with an acid fertilizer, such as a composition made specifically for azaleas.

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