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Hiring a Landscaping Contractor to Winterize Your Landscape

How to Winterize Your Landscaping

A qualified landscaping contractor suggests fertilizing your grass at least once each year. If you do this, fall is the perfect season to prepare your lawn and garden for winter. It would help if you aimed to winterize your grass between August and November in most cool-weather locales. Depending on the climate zone and weather, the precise timing may change. Even so, it would help if you didn’t winterize your lawn until late November because the weather can be too severe by then.

Winterizing your lawn and garden doesn’t require much effort, resources, or time. Your grass will be preserved for the upcoming season if you follow these easy measures, which can be completed in one or two days.

Prep the Soil

Check your soil’s pH levels before beginning the grass winterizing process. Neutral ph levels signify a healthy lawn. If not, your grass can become sparse over the winter. Lime products can cure acidic areas, and sulfur treatments can neutralize alkaline surfaces. By completing this preparation step, you can ensure that the other layers of protection operate as intended.

Treat All Weeds

To protect your plants from the winter, get rid of as many weeds as possible before the season changes since they compete with the rest of your lawn for nutrients. Remove plant debris, old stems, and leaves that can serve as a wintertime breeding ground for pests and illnesses that could harm your grass before mulching and fertilizing.

Use Winter Fertilizer

Winter fertilizers are created especially for the wintertime. They are designed with more potassium to support plant strength when exposed to environmental stress. Apply the fertilizer evenly across the lawn using a spreader. A thorough winter lawn treatment will maintain your turf healthy and green throughout the fall. It will aid in the peak growth of your cool-season grasses during the cooler months.

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